World Bible School

World Bible School

Each week a group of our members work diligently to send out new Bible lessons and receive/grade/return Bible lessons from several foreign countries.

WBS is one of the most proven, cost-effective means of equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. The ministry has taught millions of truth-seekers by mobilizing tens of thousands of everyday, volunteer Christians.

WBS teaching is something Christians of all ages can do on their own as a WBS Study Helper.

WBS Study Helpers provide Bible lessons to Students, encourage them and guide them to grow in faith and knowledge. They can share Jesus with web-based lessons as online friends. They can also use printed lessons by mail like spiritual “pen pals”. WBS can often help them connect their Students with local Christians for further study, fellowship and even baptism.

WBS’ Bible lessons provide pure Bible Truth. They share the Good News of Jesus, the plan of salvation, how to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and Christian living.