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PTP 365

A Church Library You Will Actually Use!

The Polishing the Pulpit audio/visual library goes back for decades and contains thousands of high-quality sermons, Bible classes, and training sessions. PTP365 gives you access to the entire catalog.

The library is easy to use on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Search by speaker, topic, Bible book, and more. Download audios to listen on the go. Stream video sermons for Bible classes or sermons.

Member Directory

We are in the process of creating a new directory.  During this time you can access a list of members to check addresses and telephone numbers.

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Family Devotionals

The home is the main training ground when it comes to raising our children in the Lord. As parents we have the responsibility to teach them, not only by example but also in word. They deserve to have their parents open the Bible and explain the truth of God’s Word. However, for many adults this can be a very intimidating task. It does not have to be. 

These family devotional series are designed with theentire family in mind. We understand that children learn best when that learning is tangible. These lessons were created Biblically sound and are easy to use. They are laid out in a very simple format with each lesson containing…

  • the main Scripture
  • A list of objects needed
  • a suggested song
  • the lesson content
  • a suggested prayer

Each lesson contains 30 family devotionals in PDF format.

We hope that you enjoy using these with your family.

Family Devotionals Available

  1. Object Lessons From The Kitchen                           
  2. Object Lessons From Science Experiments
  3. Object Lessons From The House                             
  4. Object Lessons From The Great Outdoors
  5. Object Lessons From The Yard                                 
  6. Object Lessons From Hunting & Fishing
  7. Object Lessons From The Garage                            
  8. Object Lessons From Sports
  9. Object Lessons From The Craft Room                       
  10. Object Lessons From The Gardens
  11. Object Lessons From The Laundry Room                   
  12. Object Lessons From The School Room